Dreams and Interpretations

Do you desire to understand what your dreams mean? Are you troubled by your dreams and wish to make sense of them relative to your current and future life?

Conventional knowledge points to dreams and interpretations as means to self-discoveries, unification, and individuation, including understanding and resolving one’s shortcomings, true desires or wishes, transitions, life’s goals, obstructions and fears emanating from the personal unconscious and collective unconscious—archetypes.

dreamResearch indicates that we dream 95% of the time during our sleep cycle and journey to the unconscious realm, particularly, during REM-sleep state. As well, the body of knowledge has established relational interactions between the conscious and unconscious state of being, otherwise the waking life and sleep-dream state.

Dreams can be illusive, mysterious, and baffling but at Lightway Psychological Services, our experienced dream experts will facilitate your self-awareness and capacity to explore the complementary nature, manifest, and latent contents of your dreams as well as your unique existentialistic experiences.

Here is Hope through Enlightenment! Our seasoned dream experts can simplify the intricacies of your dream and guide you with a better interpretational insight of your dream, in manners that would resolve your fears and facilitate closures, empower your confidence and self-direction, guide your current and future plans, instruct your decisions and choices, as well as invigorate your mental and physical wellbeing.

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