Parent training

The evolving and multitasking nature of our world conflate with the uniqueness of each child’s developmental experiences and progress to present daunting challenges to parenthood and child-rearing responsibilities.

mother and her child hugging each otherAt Lightway psychological Services, our psychologists understudy your family dynamics, unique parenting need and collaboratively and objectively examine your current parenting style, as well as provide psychosocial education on the nature and outcomes of the various parenting styles. Our psychologist embraces CBT and other techniques to assist you to become more aware of the correlation between your child’s behavioral presentation, development, your role and parenting style as well as how your action or inaction may reinforce your child’s target behaviors.

Here is Hope through Enlightenment! Our psychologist will work to equip you with skills set to:

  • promote a positive family atmosphere
  • enhance parent-child interaction
  • increase desirable child behavior
  • reduce the child’s misbehavior
  • encourage the child’s resilience, prosocial, appropriate, and obedient behaviors in all settings including school

If you are interested in this service, please contact us at 281-592-5401 or Set an Appointment at your convenience.