Accommodations Testing for School and Entrance Exam, Pre-employment Testing

At Lightway Psychological Services, we offer evidence-based educational, psychoeducational, pre-employment, and personality evaluation services that combine normative and idiographic approaches as well as an individual’s characteristics to achieve accurate outcomes for the individual. These services serve to clarify an individual’s academic and cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as psychosocial domains and behavior management, needs to be focused on eligibility determination, enhancing academic performances and success, improve cognitive capacity, intrapersonal/interpersonal relationships as well as inform employment and related decisions.

Here is Hope through Enlightenment! Our highly experienced psychologists and experts provide customized assessments, accurate interpretations, and practical recommendations purposed and necessary for the determination of an individual’s traits, reasoning/cognitive abilities, academic giftedness, placement, and propensity; social-emotional functioning as well as underlying psychological processes.

With these assessments, we aim to evaluate and/or diagnose:

  • Cognitive Strengths and Weaknesses
  • School/exam Accommodations and Educational Needs
  • Academic Giftedness, Learning Aptitudes
  • Academic achievement
  • Disabilities, including Intellectual Disabilities, ADHD, Autism, etc.
  • Personality and enduring traits
  • And more

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