Marriage and Pre-marriage Counseling

In families or marital relationships, perceived or real negative changes in relational behaviors, attitudes, and emotional effects as well as past and present life circumstances can contrive chaotic life stressors, a conflation of spiritual, psychological, and physiological conundrum and despair to dislocate or impair one’s cognitive processes, mental wellness, and derail interpersonal capacity, family and personal resilience, goals and success.

couple talkingAre you seeking assessment or direction for premarital decisions or have challenges with your marital relationships including family conflicts, conflicting parenting styles, struggle with leadership tousle, boundary issues, marital discords, toxic communication style, divorce, infidelity, infertility, financial insolvency, disappointments, and betrayals, etc.

Do you observe disturbing signs of breakdown in your marital communications and spousal relationships, or do you have unsettling sense that your marriage is approaching irreconcilable differences and a bleak future? Then you may consider a consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate psychologists.

Here is hope through enlightenment! At Lightway Psychological Services, our marital therapy modality embraces holistic approach framed in evidence-based orientations, otherwise practical principles to address and integrate the unique and the totality of a person’s being and existential experiences in the treatment process.

While providing comfortable, confidential, and safe environment, our compassionate clinicians provide practical insights while facilitating your self-awareness and ability to explore and deconstruct self-defeating views and behaviors, make healthy life changes, decisions, or resolve conflicts and overcome painful and disconcerting experiences to find forgiveness, healing, strength, revitalized passion, and adoption of effective approach to fulfilled-life, social engagement, successful family and healthier relationships.

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