Developmental Testing

kids raising their handsAre you disconcerted, worried or has your pediatrician raised concerns about your child’s developmental milestones related to playing or social skills, learning, speech pattern, movement pattern or gross motor, and overt behaviors? You may consider a consultation with one of our experienced psychologists to discuss your child’s developmental concerns.

Children who experience preterm births, low birthweights, exposure to environmental risks like lead exposures, teratogens, and related factors, may be susceptible to the high risk of developmental or behavioral disabilities such as autism spectrum, learning disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and language acquisition delays, including expressive and receptive language. Research points to formal in-depth evaluation, confirmed diagnosis, and early intervention as precursors to developmental progress.

Here is Hope through Enlightenment! We are here to help with the discovery of your child’s strengths and areas of developmental needs, reduce your apprehension, and offer guidance for the steps toward a successful journey with your child.

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