Psychoeducational Testing

Does your child or adolescent seem unmotivated, experience test anxiety, exhibit behavioral frustrations and unwillingness to do or complete school homework or procrastinates? Does he or she struggle academically, have difficulties with memory recall, reading and comprehension, writing, spelling, and basic math facts. Does he or she have difficulties with organizational skills, attention span or prone to distractibility? Are you frustrated or determined that your child is brighter than his or her schoolwork or academic performance demonstrates?

If any of the above reflects your child’s or teen’s experiences, you may consider a consultation with one of our clinical psychologists for psychoeducational evaluation. The clinical outcome has proven the conventional belief that individuals who manifest any of the listed symptoms or experience academic struggles are simply “lazy, unwilling, or need medication to cope” to be outright erroneous.

Various factors exist that may negatively contribute to your child’s academic struggles. Formal psychoeducational evaluation has proven reliability in providing analysis of mental processes that may underlie your child’s educational performance, including intrinsic ability to perceive, process, and express information. It determines the nature and severity of any underlying disorders and offers a comprehensive picture of an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses (IQ), learning style, and aptitude relative to a person’s difficulties with attention, memory, motivation, reading or other academic skills as well as learning and cognitive challenges.

Here is hope through Enlightenment! Our evaluation services can be very useful for your child’s qualification for school placement, accommodations or modifications, or other specialized school services.

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