Individual Therapy – Child & Adolescent

Here is Hope through Enlightenment! At Lightway, our experienced clinicians conduct therapy sessions with children with developmental age sensitivity in focus in a manner that incorporates each child’s constructs, including distinct cognitive capacities, emotional maturity, intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics, and bio-history presentational background to achieve responsive outcomes.

woman comforting a crying girlChild-Centered—Play Therapy treatment orientation and “Stop and Think” model are commonly applied approaches by our clinicians with young children. In our sessions with young children, we focus on “stop and think” therapy and nondirective play therapy — child-centered therapy. Play therapy grants insight to the child’s experiences, aversions, cognitive, and emotional states as well as interactive opportunities to the clinician. The “stop and think” model provides the child with learning opportunities that include interpersonal relationship, pro-social behaviors, self-control, and boundaries. The child learns and applies problem-solving and conflict resolutions skills, time management, organizational, homework skills. Summarily, the sessions focus on reduction in impulsive behaviors, emotional dysregulation, and increase in self-regulation.

For older children and teenagers, in addition to other effective techniques, our clinicians implement didactic techniques inherent with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to aid children to learn how their unhealthy or irrational perceptions of events can negatively influence their decisions, feelings, and choices. The sessions are interactively engaging and geared towards cognitive restructuring and behavioral change.

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