Family Therapy

Family conflicts, including those caused or constructed by marital discords, health and mental diagnosis, traumatic and situational events, loss, child/adolescence developmental behavioral concerns, differences in economic decisions, perceptions, choices and personal desires of varied dimensions, miscommunications, real and perceived threats, are unremarkable but are visceral and commonly mundane experiences for families and its microsystemic members but no less unhealthy.

happy coupleWith the awareness of the intrinsic differences in personal characteristics, the inevitable relatedness and interaction of memberships, and the understanding that each member is a part of a larger more complex family system, presenting problems involve all members and result in discomforting, unhealthy, and maladjusted interpersonal relationships. These uncanny issues present varied difficulties for all members of the family. Thus, members of the family seek safe, secure, and nonjudgmental setting to work through these often emotionally charged problems with self, siblings, and other family members.

Here is Hope through Enlightenment! At Lightway, our experienced psychologists embrace eclectic approach, including systemic family therapy, and believe that the enhancement of our patients’ introspection, insight, reciprocity, self-awareness, coping skills, and decisions for healthy choices as keys to reconciliation of internal differences, relief from life stressors, and reinvigoration of healthier interactional and interpersonal relationships within the family nucleus.

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